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Fiber Rush


Fiber Rush is made from twisted paper; it’s kraft brown in colour.  Made in Canada

The 6/32″ has about 200 ft per pound, the 1/8″ has about 260 ft per pound.

Two pounds of the 3/16″ (6/32″) does a 14 x 14″ chair.

Pricing is per pound. They will come in a coil to the size ordered, in most circumstances, ie: 3 pounds would come in one – 3 pound coil, 10 pounds – one – 10 pound coil.


Amount Discount
10 - 16 15%
17 - 50 30%
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Fiber rush is a very durable one ply or three ply twisted paper made to resemble real twisted bull rushes. There is no collecting, drying, soaking, flattening and twisting that is required in the preparation of natural rush; thus saving hours of work.

Fiber rush is Kraft brown in color.  Two pounds of the 3/16″ (6/32″) should do one average chair (14″ x 14″) or 196 square inches. This fiber rush is made in Canada.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions N/A
Fiber Rush Size

1/16" Twisted Fiber rush, 6/32" (3/16") Twisted Fiber Rush, 7/32" Twisted Fiber Rush, 5/32" Twisted Fiber Rush, 1/8" Twisted Fiber Rush, 1/8" Three-Ply Twisted Fiber Rush, 7/32" Four-Ply Twisted Fiber Rush, US made 5/32" fiber rush, 6/32" (3/16") Three Ply Fiber rush

Coil Size

1 lb Coil, 17 lb Coil, 18 lb Coil, 19 lb Coil, 20 lb Coil


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