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Sheet Cane – Samples


Sheet Cane –  samples of each style of sheet cane are available here. Each sample will vary in size depending on supply, they will be at least 3 x 3″.

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Cane Webbing can also be referred to as Machine or Sheet Cane.  It is manufactured from the outer bark of the rattan palm and woven into a variety of patterns, from the traditional octagonal and close-woven basket weaves to the modern radio, modern and box weaves. It is primarily used for re-seating cane chairs that have a groove around the seat opening rather than drilled holes. It can also be used on cupboard doors, etc and is held in place with trim. 

The paper version webbing  is primarily used for chair backs that have a groove around the opening.  It does need to be colored or stained after install.


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Sheet Cane Style

3/8" Superfine Open, 7/16" Fine Fine Open, 1/2" Fine Open, 1/2" Fine Open, Unbleached, 1/2" Paper Fine Open, 5/8" Medium Open, 3/4" Common Open, 1" Giant Open, Fine Radio (5×5), Paper Fine Radio (5×5), Fine Fine Radio (6×6), Paper Fine Fine Radio (6×6), Fine Close, Medium Close, Herringbone, Fine Herringbone, Medium Swedish, Modern Box, Medium Danish Paper (2×2), Paper Weave (3×3), All real cane patterns, All paper version patterns


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