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Round Slotted Basket Base


Basket bases are used for weaving simple baskets. These round bases are made from pine.

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25 + 15%
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This round slotted basket base is easy to use! It offers a strong, sturdy bottom adding a great look to your baskets.

Simply cut flat reed stakes a bit longer than the finished height of your basket and insert one end of the stake into the groove (slot) of the base. Shape your basket as you weave to the top, finish off the rim and attach handles as you would any stake construction basket.

Base Size

3" across x 1/2", 3" across x 3/4", 4" across x 1/2", 4" across x 3/4", 5" across x 3/4", 6" across x 3/4", 8" across x 3/4", 10" across x 3/4"


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